About Us

We are a professional agency that covers all the aspects you need for a successful online brand with a team made up of Website Designers, Marketers, Growth Hackers, and Certified Shopify Partners, each with 10-25 years experience.

With Blueprint To Success you have access to prebuilt e-commerce brands that are carefully crafted by our experienced USA-Based team.

We design each brand with careful thought and best practices in regards to Design, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Niche Selection, Products, Target Market and overall Brand Concept.

The value of a basic website created by Sydney Ray Design, that includes marketing strategy and custom branding, starts in the $7,000-10,000 range and can go much higher depending on project scope and marketing budget.

With Blueprint to Success we are able to have a wide array of ready-to-market brands with pricing that can fit the budget of a e-commerce startup or someone wanting to start a full-fledged business without the guesswork.

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Design Team