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Getting started is ridiculously easy with us.

We set you up with your own Shopify Partner Account and walk you through the steps of setting up your agency site, social media, online ads and seo.

Being Successful online is super simple with experienced support

We are the team behind Sydney Ray Design and Marketing. We are known for designing and building powerful ecommerce websites using SEO and launching/managing crazy successful marketing and ads campaigns. Our Clients are successful due to our high level of experience, attention to detail and hands-on support.

If you are chosen to participate in our training, prepare for 4-weeks of virtual hands-on training via a Live Zoom Room every evening, Mon-Sat., for 4 weeks. Following this is in-person training and upon successful completion of the training, you will be offered a paid 12-month Internship with our agency.

Your in-person training includes an all-expenses paid trip to Folsom, Louisiana, where our HQ is located. Flight, airport transfers, accommodations, meals, supplies are included. As a successful agency, we are offering a short-cut to success. Perhaps you have heard that there are no "short-cuts" to success? Well, yes, typically THAT is the case......however, while it took Sydney 7 years to rebuild her agency, she needs experienced high-level website designers, marketers, copywriters to help scale her agency.........and this is where THIS opportunity and YOU come into play.

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We've created a comprehensive discovery process for not only getting to know potential clients, but for each our team members as well. We've taken that blueprint and apply it towards potential coaching students. We don't work with everyone, we select entrepreneurs that have what we know is necessary to succeed.


Training is Monday - Friday, 6-8pm CST; Saturday, 1-3pm CST, for a period of 4-weeks. We offer virtual, hands-on training on everything you need to know to design a powerful website design and marketing agency website. The weekend after the 4th week, we will fly you out to work with us, all expenses paid.


You will apply your training knowledge of website design, marketing, advertising and SEO (including Agency training!) on our Client projects as well as your own as a paid Intern/Agency Partner. We help you to avoid costly mistakes and keep you focused on what works.

Scale Up

Once a paid Intern or Agency Partner, we guarantee that you will generate a minimum of $20,000 in earned income and will go on to close a minimum of $5,000 - $20,000 + in Client Agreements. Our success is your success and we will train and lead you to a 6-figure agency.

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Unlike many Coaches who teach courses, we truly give you a shortcut to success.....that will provide massive success as long as you work with us.

You will learn website design, social media and ads, copywriting, html coding, SEO and setting up your agency the right way; including the the processes that attract and close high ticket clients.

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She did an amazing job way beyond my expectations!

Frank O.

It's hard to find someone who is so knowledgable and caring at the same time, but I did with Sydney.

Joshua M.

I strongly recommend Sydney Ray. If you don't use the services you will miss out!

Joy N.

Certified Shopify Partners,
Web Designers & Marketers

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We only accept 6 students per session. If you are ready to go to the next step in the approval process....let us know. Next session is oct 22