Fulfillment Policy

The hand-over process takes 2 - 3 weeks, depending on the number of products we are adding to your website, from when we receive all the details necessary to complete the transfer.

We have a straightforward and streamlined process to walk you through the steps. This includes a step-by-step guide for the final touches you need to do once you have your log-in credentials (i.e. editing your personal details in order to receive payments).

Additional Costs to Run an E-Commerce Store

1. The Shopify Fee is $29/mo.

2. Dropshipping apps will cost up to an additional $49 - $100/mo. It can cost more if your store is high-volume with a ton of products. Fees are paid directly to the dropshipping supplier and possibly via Shopify.

3. There may be other app expenses that you pay for once you start accumulating and growing in sales, but you are in complete control of that.